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The LG 32 LayerGauge by Davinor adds a film feed-spool, plus tension-adjustable take-up spool for fully automated profiling of up to 16 layers down to individual layer thickness of 2 microns, with resolution to 0.2 micron.

Designed for precise measurement of individual layer thickness in coextruded films and coated materials with unsurpassed accuracy and resolution.  Oakland also offers a complete line of accessories for your LayerGaugeTM, including microscope systems, layer measurement software, and sample preparation accessories to meet todays’ demanding quality control requirements for barrier and complex film structures.


The Model LG 32 LayerGauge provides full automatic profiling capabilities, and includes unwind & rewind rollers for convenient sample handling plus speed & tension adjustability of the sample rollers to ensure optimum sample transport.  Adjustable-height guide rollers on either side of the sensor area ensure that the sample is correctly positioned for measurement.

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 Model LG-32 LayerGauge


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