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Film sample Hold-down Fixture available for the Model LG-32 profiling LayerGauge.  For sample guiding of difficult to handle, “curled” film samples, to aid in viewing layers within film samples of multi-layer coex films with automatic profiling layer gauges.

Sample Fixture either rests on film guide-rollers (2) or rests on transport surface using adjustable plastic setscrews.  Weighted insert applies uniform pressure to film sample surface. Cutout shown on Fixture is placed toward back and rests underneath guide-roller backplate during use.


Maximum Sample Width, using Set Screw support:  1.50 inch


Maximum Sample Width, using guide-roller support:  2.00 inch


Different hold-down pressures can be achieved with weighted inserts produced from aluminum (15 gram), acrylic (6.5 gram), or plated-steel (50 gram).  Plated-steel Insert shown installed in above Fixture.  All three weighted inserts shown in photo at right.


Contact Oakland for additional technical detail and to request a quotation.

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  Sample Hold-down Fixture, for LG-32 LayerGauges